Sunday, 27 November 2016

Is Norton’s Norton's Wi-Fi Privacy App Worthwhile? Know the Facts

People have an unending crave for public hot-spot while they are out. The moment they see the Wi-Fi signal on their handset, they start connecting their devices to the hot-spot for the free internet. But do you know you are more unsafe while you are connected to the public Wi-Fi network. It would be more accurate to say that you are quite a little bit at risk while you use free public Wi-Fi network for the internet.

It becomes convenient for the hackers to invade into your computer system and access all the sensitive information. They can break your passwords, access emails, personal photos & videos, and financial information. Whatever you keep onto your device, they are potentially exposed to unwanted intruders. Amidst the ongoing threats and users’ anguish for the new kind of exposure, Symantec introduces a dedicated protection suite that can best be used to ensure the utmost security and protection against all possible threats.

But does the Norton’s Wi-Fi privacy app really stand out to be worthwhile for your devices? Do you find its features helpful in fighting against such challenges? These are some questions that you should consider and examine based on your requirements before you go for the application. Since you will have to pay a lot of money for relatively lesser functionalities, it can be a worth considering question that directly relates to your requirements.

Here in this write-up, we will have detailed information over every point so as to unearth the facts whether it is a worthwhile app. On the other hand, Symantec has also provided a dedicated page to point out the benefits. If you look for complete help visit Norton support website for online computer support from certified Norton technicians and get a complete detail over the application.

On the other hand, they do also have a team of experts to offer reliable technical solutions in a real time. If you come across any technical hurdles while working with the antivirus program, you can have a reliable support from them at any point in time.
Benefits of Norton’s Wi-Fi privacy app:
·        Integrating bank-level encryption setup to save you while using public Wi-Fi hotspots
·        Allowing you to visit websites secretly so that the level of protection is guaranteed
·        Letting you access to your preferred applications and content where ever you go, as if you were home
·        Providing you a safe and protected encryption for your important data on a no-log virtual private network, which doesn’t store your settings and activity
·        Providing a premium-class technical support service from the official technicians

Check if the features work properly?

What’s more important with the application is its technological inheritance to offer a complete protection against feasible threats. It comes up with two key features - VPN locations and ad-tracker blocking. According to the experts, though the two features are quite a fabulous and advanced thing for a handset user, yet most of the users have reported that they don’t work properly.

As far as VPN Location is concerned, it is not a universally functional feature. It is available and lets you connect your device to the network in some selected counties - if you want to access some video contents while on the go, you would better switch over to other applications. Norton’s Wi-Fi privacy application may stop you from accessing the content. Despite the fact that it creates trouble in accessing some specific contents on your computer system, you can prevail over the challenges by tweaking the settings. As you already know some technicians are offering their technical support services to fight against all technical hurdles in Norton Security, you can access a reliable technician who can help you find the solution. If you need Norton technical support dial Norton support phone number here to get help on Norton Wi-Fi privacy app and find the solution in a real time.  

So it may be a little bit troublesome for you to use the privacy application due to its VPN Location feature. But on the other hand, you could be benefiting a lot from its other key feature Ad-Tracker Blocking feature. It is somehow effective for your browsing experience as it stops all the malicious advertisements on your device. You can have a reliable shield for the protection against adware programs as well.   

There is really nothing upsetting with the application; provided that you customize the app in accordance with your requirements. Contact a technician, discuss about your requirements, and then ask for the installation if required. 

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